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    A Guild Of a
    different sort

    Chill, Social, & Kind of Silly.

Our Story

It began a long, long time ago. Unfortunately it was still here on Earth.

Our Community

Casual, social, and member focused. We're seeking to make a family here.

Our Guidelines

Every community has their particulars. We've put ours in one convenient place.

What We're About

Finding the right balance in a community is tough work. Here is how we go about it.

  • Play All the Things

    Play All the Things

    We're not about to limit people in what they play with their friends. This is a group for people to have fun and enjoy whatever game they want. That being said, we are focusing concerted efforts on making a presence in Final Fantasy XIV primarily. Outside of that thought, we're basically just a group of friends that will play pretty much anything together. If you are into just hanging out with a relaxed group of people and finding some folks to play one of our officially supported games then you may be in the right place.
  • Member Focused Structure

    Member Focused Structure

    This is a simple concept really. I feel that communities are often focused on the leadership and what they bring to the table. While the leadership here certainly puts in the time and effort, it should be about the members. That's why we keep our leadership limited to handling clerical duties and let the members have a fair say in the direction of the guild. We think it's only fair to finally give you a say.
  • A Mature Environment

    A Mature Environment

    Maturity is based on a lot more than just age. We also want people who know how to handle a conflict. We want community members that are interested in building a cool place to come home and unwind in. If you don't know how to interact with people who are far different than you are or perhaps you do not understand how to handle conflict in a respectable way, then this is not the group for you.
  • Community First

    Community First

    This part is a little difficult to understand, but here it goes. You see, this is a group of friends. We are looking for people who are like us. We want to find others who will get our brand of humor and will accept our silly antics. We are rarely serious about much of anything and we think that is one of our better qualities. We view gaming in different ways. Some of us are hardcore, some of us are crafters, some of us just really want to stand around and chat with people in global. That's the nice thing for us. Though we are a diverse and open group, we are bound by the fact that we have some oddball personalities. We have sealed our friendships in the quality of the time we have together and not in our membership numbers.
  • Grouping, Civilized

    Grouping, Civilized

    We aim to set up many runs and have the necessary tools to keep it civilized. Our event registration system allows anyone to set up a time for a run. It allows others to see those events and register for them so you know who is going to be there to group with you. We also maintain a Teamspeak server to facilitate voice communications rather than having to type it all out. Also we happen to think Teamspeak is a pretty cool place to hang out with our buddies.

What We Play

Consider this a small sampling of what we enjoy playing with one another.

Final Fantasy XIV
Dungeon World
Dungeons & Dragons

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